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Have you been looking into Managed IT Services? Found there is a huge range of companies out there? More confused than when you started?

Take a deep breath and let’s get back to basics. Let’s start by working out exactly what are IT managed services companies, and what they can do for you.

What is a Managed Services company?

An IT managed service company is a remote server manager who seeks to work as a proactive overseer of your company’s IT and IT needs. They achieve this by around-the-clock monitoring and regular systems testing to check your faults or potential areas of exploitation in your company’s IT systems.

So what can a managed IT services provider do for my company?

Save you staffing cost

If you are a small to medium business then employing a full-time IT tech may not be economically viable for your business. Furthermore, if you are a large company that is almost exclusively reliant on technology and have a complex system, than you may not be able to afford or even find such a large amount of experts to maintain your system. Either way, there will be a Managed IT Services company that will be the right fit for you. Subcontracting also saves you on other payroll costs such as accumulation of sick and holiday leave, workers’ compensation, as well as superannuation.

Save your company in IT hardware and software costs

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Perhaps the biggest plus about engaging an IT managed service provider is that you can leverage your investment by making use of the companies hardware and software that your company would have never had otherwise have been able to afford. A managed service provider will have the latest software programs inbuilt into your monitoring system to identify problems before they arise and prevent the newest attacks from occurring. These companies have spent many thousands of dollars setting up their business operation with hardware that your business would never dream of buying. For just a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time IT technician, you can engage a Managed Service Provider who you know has the latest in IT tech to protect your online systems.

Around the clock support and monitoring

Chances are, you won’t be able to afford a range of staff that can monitor your system or troubleshoots problems around the clock. A Managed Service Provider will be able to offer this for you. With many people working from home or taking work home with them these days, most companies have staff working on projects outside of regular, traditional business hours. Be sure they are able to access support during these hours by engaging with managed IT services provider.

Reduce your downtime, increase your profits

Using an on-call IT Tech is a reactionary way to deal with your IT problems. This means your system is already down, that they will need to run an assessment to find the problem and may have to order or locate replacement hardware. All the while you are losing money and they are charging you an hourly rate. With a managed IT services provider, they will seek to identify problems or potential problems for your system before they occur meaning your system will stay online longer which will ultimately increase productivity.

Managed IT services providers are a great way to not only save you money but can help in making you money as well. Hopefully, these tips have helped explain the basics and can help you make an informed decision when you are ready to engage a Managed Service Provider.