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Location, location, location! It’s all about location. When it comes working with a wedding photographer in Sydney, the city is filled with many different beautiful destinations to choose from. Maybe the USYD campus? It’s basically the Hogwarts of Australia. What about the Royal Botanical Gardens? With its colourful range of flowers and greenery. And Observatory Hill? It’s fine-grown tree, getting old ripe with age. With all these wonderful locations to take your pick, you’ll find the best place for a photoshoot with a wedding photographer in Sydney. Let’s take a closer look behind the lens, to see the finest locations to have a photoshoot with a wedding photographer in Sydney.

Where are the best places to go with a wedding photographer in Sydney?

Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens has some of the finest flowers and greenery, making it perfect area to hire a wedding photographer in Sydney to shoot. There are many beautiful areas, among garden accessories bringing a literal Alice in Wonderland setting to life. With this range of places to choose from it is no wonder why people choose this place as a destination for a photoshoot. You can line up the bride, groom and engagement party to make lasting memories that you’ll never forget and in the most picturesque way possible.

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill is observed as one of the most pristine looking outdoors spots in all of the city, making it the prime choice for a location for a wedding photographer in Sydney to take pictures. Right near the Observatory, this wonderous place includes a big tree, a wonderful outlook of the city and a gazebo to give it a classic look. Its is a highly romantic place where you don’t only look at the stars, but perfect place to capture married-to-be lovers all with their starry eyes. Observe as you make pictures that will last a lifetime.

USYD Campus

Wedding photographer in Sydney taking prenup photos

USYD is not just a prestigious university for prospective lawyers and doctors. USYD is filled with Victorian buildings, Hogwarts looking locations and incredible sights of greenery, making it the perfect place to take a picture with a wedding photographer in Sydney. There are many areas to choose from, ranging from lawns, building blocks and quads, giving you a lot of room take as many photos as you can in many locations. With these abundant options, its no wonder why people go here for not only the ceremony but for photoshoots before and after with a wedding photographer in Sydney.

Paddington Reservoir

Paddington Reservoir is home to beautiful gardens and a range of classic columns, making it an enticing view to shoot with a wedding photographer in Sydney. Ranging from its breathtaking ponds, the swaying trees and the layers of bricks making a ruggedly attractive spot, makes it one of the city’s finest areas to have a photoshoot. With a mix of industrial looking spots and scenic nature. It is the most charming area to use a wedding photographer in Sydney for your ceremony. Shining in the day time, your pictures will look astonishing with the help of these professionals at your side. Reserve your spot with Paddington Reservoir, the perfect destination for the married-to-be couple to show their love for each other.

A wedding photographer in Sydney is the best professional to tie the knot with, in the most scenic locations ever. The city is filled with wonderous places to bring life and joy into the couple’s pictures, making sure they have lasting memories they can look over fondly in their album. Take the hitch by taking your bride and groom to a scenic spot to mark their marriage.

Denmark WA wedding venue set up

Denmark WA weddings are situated in a beautiful landscape, with tall green forests and shrubbery which merge onto white, pristine, and sandy beaches all topped off with a blue and magnificent ocean that sprawls across the horizon.

The land is well-known for its nature, and nature lovers across the country will flock to this area in order to take into the rivers, walking trails, landscape, ancient trees, and forages, wildflowers, and wildlife.

All of this paints a perfect picture of a beautiful holiday destination, but it is also a very popular destination to hold Denmark WA weddings.

Many couples head here to hold Denmark WA weddings as nature and scenery get them away enough to feel like everything about their lives is far away, but still have civilization available and buildings and the essentials.

It is a nice change of pace from their normal life and makes Denmark WA weddings much more intimate and have a closer more ‘connected’ feeling.

Traditional events will often have couples in formal settings in social halls and indoor and ‘fake’ venues; however, Denmark WA weddings are set on the natural landscape and environment available to them.

As a result, many of these events will take place on lakefronts or other types of waterfronts, due to the abundance of beautiful waterfronts in this location.

This is also the perfect place for an event like this to take place, as you have the reception on the grass and nature with everyone enjoying the nature and the food, with the beautiful lake or water in the background.

Furthermore, venues are surrounded by trees and set in tranquil valleys that overlook lakes and beautiful gardens.

In addition to this, since the destination is so beautiful, many couples will opt to have their honeymoon here as well. This means the couples will find it a very accessible destination as they can go straight into their honeymoon and not have to worry about traveling there too. This choice of making Denmark WA weddings and honeymoons synonymous is a popular one amongst couples, and for good reasons to. It also allows them to reduce costs, as they do not have to worry about the costs of traveling to a different location for their honeymoon. The location is also a good place to have a honeymoon due to the sheer beauty of the nature surrounding it.

groom wearing the ring to the bride

Moreover, although Denmark WA weddings would be considered a travel location, it is still in Australia meaning that your guests will still be likely to come, in comparison to other events in overseas destinations which would mean far fewer guests would be more likely to come to the event. The flight and travel costs to Western Australia would be much lower than that of Thailand or Bali. Moreover, there are many resorts that cater specifically to big events such as Denmark WA weddings and will have all-inclusive packages that will give you an upfront price on the whole event. This means you will not have to worry about organizing or budgeting for the event, and can just relax for your big day. With so many resorts available for Denmark WA weddings, you will be spoiled for choice and will have plenty of options with beautiful scenery and varying features to choose from.

In summary, Denmark WA weddings offer beautiful scenery and a natural environment for your big day. They make you feel like you are far away from everything and the destination can double as a honeymoon. With so many resorts, you will have the whole experienced catered to you at a cheaper price than other forms of travel destination events. Denmark WA weddings are the way to go for your big day.