Quilting process. Quilt and a sewing machine

Finding and subscribing to the best quilting magazines can be a great way to find new ideas and to learn new skills. If you’re looking for new projects that you can try out then we would suggest that you look to the best quilting magazines for inspiration. Online blogs and social media can also be great resources for ideas. So, how do you find the best quilting magazines? Check out our tips below.

Find options that match your style

When you’re looking for the best quilting magazines for you then we suggest that you find options that suit your particular taste and style. There are a lot of different styles out there, and whilst a lot of them will require a great level of skill, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be the right projects for you. Some designs will simply not match your tastes and it is a good idea to find places for inspiration that closely match your own personal taste. That said, it can be fun to experiment with different styles and to try projects that might be outside of your normal comfort zone.

Use them as a jumping off point

The best quilting magazines will teach you the skills you need to create your own fun designs and concepts. They are a great tool for learning and a great starting point for project ideas. If you find something you like in the pages of your favourite reading material, than why not use some of the skills you have learned to make it your own?

New designs

Subscribing to hobbyist materials can be a great way to find new projects and can be an excellent option for challenging yourself. Whether you’re just starting out or creating work at a professional level, you’ll usually find something of value within published work. If you want to take on new projects then we suggest that you go looking for the best quilting magazines in your area.

Fabric options

One of the great things about reading hobbyist materials is that they will often have great tips and information about things like fabric. They are also an excellent resource for finding suppliers of beautiful fabrics, liners and other essential supplies. You’ll also find tool recommendations made and helpful commentary and insight into the interesting things currently happening in the community surrounding the making of new quilts.

How can I find them?

If you’re looking for some new reading material then a great place to start is at your local newsagency. Many hobbyist publications are stocked at newsagencies. Look around at stores in your area as they may all have a different range of specialist materials in stock. We also suggest that you look at hobbyist stores in your area as they will sometimes stock specialty reading materials, as will bookstores and sometimes grocery stores. If you can’t find anything you like in store then we also suggest that you look online. Many publications will not have a presence in stores but will allow you to subscribe to their publications from their websites. Others will provide information directly online and run e-zines or blogs that are regularly updated. These can be a great resource for new projects and the sharing of ideas with like-minded members of your community who are interested in the hobby of making beautiful quilts.

Hopefully this answers a few of the questions you had and will help you to track down some useful reading material to help you to get started on your next fun project.