Why Instagram is so important to your business

With over 800 million monthly users, it can be seen why Instagram is such an important tool for businesses to use. Since Facebook has taken over Instagram, it has morphed the platform into a board of advertisement which businesses can utilise in different ways. There is now the ability to connect a business Facebook page to Instagram to turn it into a business Instagram account. Furthermore, business Instagram accounts are able to link their store products in their photos so that their followers can easily click through to their online store. There is also the ability to have a website link in an account’s bio area, and those who have over 10,000 followers are able to include links in their Instagram stories, where viewers can simply swipe up to follow the link. Additionally, businesses can purchase ads to show on Instagram as well as choose the demographics that they would like their ads to show up to. Ads on Instagram are now shown in stories as well as in a feed, making this a powerful tool for any business. Having said this, some people have a negative response when they see an ad, especially as Instagram never used to have advertising. Thankfully, there is another way to implement Instagram as a business that is sure to increase sales and sign-ups.

Find an Instagram influencer that is relevant to your business

An Instagram influencer is someone who has an Instagram account with a lot of followers. In addition to having a lot of followers, they will have a high engagement with everything that they post. Meaning that many people will view, like, and comment on their posts and stories. Because of this, many brands and businesses with approach Instagram influencers and will pay them to share their product or service on their account. The price can vary depending on how many followers somebody may have, and contracts can even be made for an influencer to represent a brand long-term. For example, a model who posts a lot of selfies may team up with a make-up business and will tag that business in every selfie that they post. This will make it more likely that people will head over to the account and website of the makeup business, and it will make them more likely to trust that business as well as make a purchase.