Tips For Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Leaving Las Vegas

grand canyon

Forget the adage ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’

In fact, for those that signup for a helicopter Grand Canyon in Las Vegas tour, the departure becomes the story that will be told long after recalling the visits to the luxurious casinos and nightclubs.

However, rather than diving in head first to these adventures without taking any precautions or preparation beforehand, it is wise to do a few minutes of homework in the lead up.

This is not to put a dampener on the experience, but a way to actually maximize the opportunity and get the most out of the investment.

Let us run through some key tips for chopper tours heading to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Be Ready To Go On Time

Singles, couples and groups who are officially booked in for Grand Canyon helicopter tours leaving Las Vegas might have to join in with other parties. In this event, it is important that no one single party delays the flight because it ruins the experience for everyone, and if it is delayed long enough they will be left behind. Include in this scheduling any toilet breaks that are needed for the 4.5 hour journey and leave any luggage at the pickup point.


Travel Light

Speaking of luggage, there is none accepted on Grand Canyon helicopter tours leaving Las Vegas. Other than a smartphone to snap great pictures or videos along the way, it is recommended and advised that traveling light is the only way to go. Even a pair of sunglasses can be destroyed due to the turbulence and unique movement of the aircraft. The less items participants have on their person, the less they have to stress about the status of them as they are moving through the air.


Leave Pilot Chat Till Later

helicopter on air

There will be plenty of time to enjoy a one-on-one chat with the pilot before embarking upon Grand Canyon helicopter tours leaving Las Vegas. These professionals are not only there to expertly transport guests from the departure point to venture across the Arizona Desert, but they act as tour guides. This means providing participants with information spoken into the headsets. So like a bus tour that incorporates various stopping points, it is important to respect their role in the process and leave the Q&A section where designated.


Speak With Outlet About Window Seats

It is not guarantee for those signing up for Grand Canyon helicopter tours leaving Las Vegas that they will definitely secure a window seat upon arrival. The reason for this confusion is that each and every traveller is weighed individually (sorry in advance) and the seating arrangement has to ensure that there is not an imbalance from one side of the chopper to the next. When engaging with the provider, those who signup can get some preferential treatment in some cases if they are happy to pay an additional surcharge fee. Again, this is not uniform practice as each tour outlet will have their own policy, but open a dialogue and speak with the brand ahead of time about this point.


Motion Sickness Travelers Beware

For those travelers who are vulnerable at suffering from motion sickness and have had poor experiences within a passenger aircraft before, then Grand Canyon helicopter tours leaving Las Vegas might not be an ideal activity. Far be it for anyone to discourage this memory to cherish for a lifetime, but this is often compared to moving in an elevator, only this time it is thousands of feet in the air. It is impossible to know the feelings and sensation of sitting in a chopper until it occurs, but those who are genuinely at risk from feeling sick in a helicopter should probably look to travel via the road to this magnificent destination.