Qualities That Make a Good Newcastle Self-Storage Facility

perfect Newcastle self storage units

Whether you are downsizing or replacing your items, you will need a place to store your items. You can store your items in your garage or storage unit in your home. If you don’t have one, you can look for a storage facility. Finding a good storage facility is essential as it will guarantee safety. There are plenty of storage units available in Newcastle. This makes choosing the perfect Newcastle self storage unit challenging.

However, with proper research, you will understand what you need and walk confidently into the market with enough information about the qualities of a good self-storage unit. This article gathers essential things to look for when finding ideal self-storage facilities.

Qualities to look for in Newcastle self-storage

  • Excellent customer service

Finding a suitable Newcastle self-storage unit is quite frustrating. But getting one with excellent customer service makes all the difference. You could be reaching the facilities through email, phone, or in person. How they receive and communicate with you will determine whether you give them business or not. A good self-storage unit greets potential clients with a smile and is helpful throughout the service provision. It should have a representative attending to all your questions and concerns professionally. Also, how a facility treats you will help you know how fast it responds to issues.

  • Cleanliness

Before getting a Newcastle self-storage facility, ensure it is clean and meets your hygienic standards. Since you will be leaving your items with the facility, it is essential to ensure it displays the utmost cleanliness fit for your possessions. You can tell how clean a facility is from observing the state of the office, hallway, and washrooms. A clean unit indicates that your items will be in safe hands.

  • Pest free

Many facilities could be clean but infested with pests. Pests and rodents can ruin your items by poking holes or chewing on them. Others can be transferable where you can bring them back to your house upon visiting the Newcastle self-storage unit. You can ask the manager about ways to keep pests at bay so that they don’t destroy your belongings.

  • Excellent Security

Storing your items in a facility doesn’t mean you are getting rid of them. As such, the self-storage unit should exercise top-notch security for all your belongings. Doing this prevents your items from being stolen or tampered with. Before trusting a facility with your items, ask about the security details and approaches to curb insecurity in the storage units. Security cameras, access gates, and good lighting are things that provide safety to a facility.

  • Convenience

The ideal Newcastle self-storage offers convenient features for easy accessibility and usage. For instance, a storage unit can include drive-up access to load and unload your belongings. It offers convenience since you will not use much effort to take your things to and from your transporting vehicle.

  • Size

Newcastle self storage unit full of stuff

The size of a Newcastle self-storage unit will depend on your items. If you are storing a few boxes, a bigger storage unit is not practical. However, for bigger items like furniture or vehicles, you should consider going for spacious storage units that will accommodate them. Also, the self-storage units should be spacious enough for you to access all your items with ease. Avoid congested facilities that prevent you from accessing your items.

  • Location

The location you choose for your self-storage unit matters a great deal. If you plan on accessing the facility regularly, consider a nearby facility. However, if you don’t plan on accessing your items often, the location doesn’t matter.

When looking for a Newcastle self-storage facility, you should consider all the qualities that make it convenient.