Looking At ID Card Printers To Buy? Check For These 4 Features

ID card printers for your office

We’ve come a long way in terms of technology and the potential utilities of ID card printers in a number of industries. In the years gone by there was usually a much more potent waiting time to get identifications printed out for someone new. Now it is simply at the click of a button. 

ID card printers provide efficient, quick, reliable, and high-quality results for any industry you can think of, and many of them now come with some pretty nifty and innovative features that were once a pipe dream in years gone by. 

Whether you’re looking at ID card printers for your office building, or even for a temporary building site or anything in between – the chances are you’re going to be looking through a number of sites trying to find the right one for you. 

Keep this list handy as you search and keep an eye out for these 4 essential features of ID card printers that will make your life easier and give you some decent value for money. 

Security Assurance

Many ID card printers will have to abide by certain measures and assurances of security – especially if there will be sensitive or exclusive access being granted. Malicious entities may try to circumvent network connections and attempt to tamper with the unit or the company. Because of this, it is always wise to choose ID card printers that have some form of security assurance built into them, whether it be the latest firmware and software updates or more contingencies that prevent bad actors. 


Too many people overlook the utility of dual-sided ID card printer, often being taken aback by the slight increase in price. For those wondering, a dual-sided unit is able to imprint on both sides without the inconvenience of having to feed it through the machine twice which can be a real timesaver for larger companies/organisations. 

Dual-sided products typically have a little more weight to them and look a lot better than a single-sided print outs and allow for more information to be imprinted. 

Connectivity Flexibility

There have been monumental leaps forward in the connection capabilities of ID card printers with options ranging from standard USB and USB-C to ethernet, even wireless transfers over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have become more normalised and commonplace. 

Those who have networks that are secure and connected securely, operating machines remotely has never been easier which makes larger scale companies opt for the more expensive but reliable models that have more interconnectivity and options. 

HD & Borderless Printing

One feature that should be considered for ID card printers is the level of quality in the resulting image and the quality of the transfer. The little white border that goes around some identifications is the result of a cheaper unit, opting for a little extra and paying extra now will make a lasting impression for a lot longer which makes it a valuable investment for top-tier association. 

Always check multiple sites before you buy, you never know where the next deal will come from.