How to Choose an Arborist in Sydney

arborist in Sydney

It’s been growing for years, but its finally time to tackle that unkempt tree in your garden, the one with overhanging branches that are threatening to crash down on your roof. As with many home projects, it’s something you, along with everyone else, have been putting off. But there comes a point where you can’t ignore the problem any longer. Before you even consider it, no it is not something you can do yourself! So, it appears to be time to hire a tree surgeon. But how do you choose the right one? Well, keep reading to find out some tips and tricks for hiring the right arborist in Sydney.


Ask for Recommendations

So, first things first, ask around. Perhaps someone in your family, a friend or even a neighbour has hired an arborist in Sydney before, this is a great place to start. To avoid contracting someone who is untrained or simply not very good, ask people you know about their experiences. If they have had a good experience with someone, they will probably be a safe bet, if not, at least you know who to avoid. The great thing about asking someone you know is that you may be able to go and see the work of the tree surgeon. If whoever you are asking lives close by, why not ask them if you can visit to see the tree they had work on? If the tree is neatly done and looks healthy, it’s a good sign that the professional in question is good at their job.


Read Reviews

If no one you know has recently hired an arborist in Sydney, another way to gauge the proficiency of an individual or company is by reading reviews online. Most businesses have websites that allow customers to leave reviews, so before making a decision have a look through and see what other people think. If there is no review section on the website, there may be other places online that allow people to share their opinions. It is important to remember though, that no matter how good or reliable a company is, there will always be some bad reviews. What you are looking for is a company that has more good reviews than bad.


Get Quotes

There are so many different arborists in Sydney, so it is quite competitive, this is good for you, because it means you have lots of choice. Use this to your advantage and get quotes from lots of different companies. Most businesses will have similar rates, but saving even a few dollars is nice. Be careful of professionals that seem too cheap, remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Opt for a Reputable Company

With so many choices, it can be difficult to make a decision. But be wary of individuals who claim to be arborists in Sydney, some may be great, but some may just be out to get your money. For something that is as expensive as tree care, it is often better to be safe than sorry. The easiest way to avoid under trained tree surgeons is to hire a reputable company. These companies have a reputation to uphold, meaning they wont employ subpar professionals. So you can be sure that your tree is in safe hands!


Check Insurance

Insurance is something you may not have even considered. But what happens if something goes wrong and a branch crashes through your roof? You need to be certain that you are protected if this were to happen. All reputable arborist’s in Sydney will have insurance to protect your property. But before signing any paperwork and hiring someone check insurance certificates and be aware of the insurance policy.


Although it can be challenging to find the best arborist in Sydney, it is certainly worth being careful. But follow these tips and both you and your tree will be happy!